The Vintage Vincenzi Motopompa

June 05, 2018


We spotted this pump-set for sale in Italy on the Internet, and asked Vincenzi & Gibertini to purchase it on our behalf and ship it to NZ with a stock order, and we have begun to restore it.

According to the serial numbers this is one of the earliest MotoPompa units that Vincenzi built in 1952. The engine still runs, and to our knowledge it is the only one in NZ. The photo below is how it was when we purchased it.

A Brief History of Vincenzi & Gibertini:

  • In 1918, Vincenzi began making engines in Rubiera, Italy.
  • In 1952 they began making pumps,
  • in 1959 the company was renamed Motori Vincenzi.
  • In 1969 engine production ceased,
  • in 1970 the company relocated to Modena and became Vincenzi and Gibertini and has focused on manufacture irrigation pumps since.

Above is a photo from a exhibition in 1959




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