Floor drainage sump with Pump

December 03, 2021

Technipump have launched a 50 Litre sump with drainage pump, designed for use in basements, garages, pathways etc that are prone to flooding. A number of these units have already been successfully installed.

The sumps are constructed of HD Polyethylene and are fitted with a Fibre reinforced polyester grill, which is easily removable for access, but strong enough to walk on.

In the sump is a quality Foras model SP60G submersible drainage pump, which has a float switch for automatic on/off control. On the pump discharge we have fitted a PVC discharge pipe with a pipe union so that the pump can be easily disconnected for insection/service.

An optional non-return valve can also be fitted to prevent back-flow or siphoning if the pump is discharging into a flooded line, or into the bottom of a tank.