Wastewater Pump Stations

March 23, 2022

We now assemble 320Litre wastewater tank packages, equipped with solids handling pumps, also called pump stations. These are designed for pumping domestic sewage and waste-waters, or septic tank effluent. They are ideal for baches and tiny houses or basement Bathrooms & Laundries situated below the sewer line.

The tanks are constructed of Polyethylene and are fitted with a rubber sealing ring to accept a std 100mm dia PVC sewer pipe. Additional connections for waste-water drains and vent can be positioned anywhere on the tank.

Installed in the tank is a quality Foras model DC102G submersible sewage pump, or a Foras FTR101G sewage macerator pump, the later being used for higher head or longer discharge lines. Both pumps are equipped with a float switch for automatic on/off control. On the pump discharge we have fitted a PVC discharge pipe with a non-return valve, and a pipe union so that the pump can be easily disconnected for inspection/service.